Automated digital system
for vehicle components and
spare parts data acquisition
Technologies for railway industry
The system unites railway industry participants and uses distributed storage technologies
to ensure the integrity of parts lifecycle data

Digital passports are linked to parts with additional markings. Any application method can be used

Digital passports

Each part receives a passport in electronic form. All data goes to the distributed storage

Quality passport

The system is integrated with «Electronic Inspector». It can push data there, and in return receives a document certified by an electronic signature


The system can be integrated into the production process of enterprises with RestAPI and other services

Unified system for parts traceability
We developed the system together and for all railway industry participants
The system forms a digital duplicate of the vehicle
We implemented MVP version at the largest enterprises
in the railway industry
Developed unique technologies
for distributed data storage
One system for all
The system consists of modules and can be flexibly configured
for a specific enterprise and its business process.
  • Control of spare parts authenticity
  • Expenditure decrease on warranty and validity
  • Production capacity increase
  • Trustworthy relationship between the main industry players
  • Assets reliability evaluation
  • Entries control and assets technical state
  • Automated management of vehicle lifecycle
  • Usage expenses decrease and out of control maintenance spending
Repair services
  • Automated warehouse management
  • Real time maintenance documentation actualization
  • Expenses exclusion due to the loss decrease
  • Paper workflow exclusion
Let’s build automation together
We are ready to digitize your production and increase efficiency by implementing our digital system